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Carl Vonderau

Carl Vonderau

Carl Vonderau is the Lefty Award-winning author of MURDERABILIA (Midnight Ink, July 2019), a thriller that takes place in the upper crust world of private banking.  Like the protagonist, William McNary, he has been a private banker and was raised in a Christian Science family. On the other hand, his father was never a serial killer. Nor did Carl’s family use Christian Science to heal his childhood illnesses—well, not most of them, anyway.  Actually, Carl grew up boringly normal with two caring parents and his sister in a suburb of Cleveland. Then he went off to college in California and things started to get more interesting. He ended up studying economics at Stanford and music at San Jose State University before he embarked on a career in banking. That career enabled him to live and work in Latin America, Canada, and North Africa and to do business in Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Carl’s love of books started in elementary school. Forbidden to watch TV after dinner, he had his head in a book most every night. That led to ghost stories that scared the bejesus out of the other kids in his elementary school. Carl always loved to write but never had the time or money to do it full-time until a year ago.

Nonprofit work also inspires Carl. He’s on the board of the Mission Valley Branch of the YMCA and helps the Y in San Diego to establish partnerships with other Ys around the world. He serves on the Dean’s Council of the College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences at California State University at San Marcos.

Carl lives with his wife in San Diego. His two grown sons are close by and wonder how he knows so much about serial killers and banking crimes.

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